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It also prevents your blood sugar from spiking. Blood sugar spikes promotes fat storage, because the body has too much sugar in the bloodstream.


Fiber quells this effect. Kate Middleton opted for the Nutribullet because it keeps the fiber from fruits and vegetables. Kate Middleton, the year-old mother of the future King of England, first decided to lose weight in She first started juicing in advance of her televised royal wedding.

Kate Middleton lost 7 pounds in four weeks by juicing! With diet and exercise, Kate Middleton was able to reach her weight loss goals and dream weight for her royal wedding. After her wedding, Kate Middleton stopped juicing on a daily basis. She still uses her juice diet, but has trimmed it down to only 2 days per week. The rest of the time, she eats normally to ensure proper nutrition.

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When she feels she needs to lose more weight, she adds more juicing days to her diet. Juicing worked for Kate Middleton because she reduced her caloric intake. She did so while maintaining her intake of vitamins and minerals. The secret to weight loss from juicing is that doing so provides you with an abundance of nutrition. This helps you lower your caloric intake over the day, but in a healthy way. The Daily Express , a British publication, first ran the story that revealed the Kate Middleton diet.

Her weight loss came through the use of a Nutribullet. The Kate Middleton diet in particular, and all juicing diets in general, use vegetables as well. Incorporating a lot of vegetables into a shake is the key to losing weight. Spinach and kale are two of the easiest, and most nutritious, additions one can add to any drink. Mangos are best juiced without the skin as well since this part can cause allergic reactions in some individuals. Many people like to add leafy greens like kale and spinach to their fruit juices and smoothies, but there are a few varieties that must be avoided or approached with caution.

Kate Middleton Diet: Lose Weight By Juicing

Rhubarb greens can be harmful and release toxic substances, so keep these out of your juicer. Carrot greens have received a bad reputation, but they are not actually poisonous. When juicing or making smoothies, especially when using whole ingredients with skins and greens intact, it is wise to opt for organic produce. Although fruit and vegetable peels are great sources of concentrated nutrients, pesticides tend to accumulate in the peels of conventionally produced fruits and vegetables and even on the green tops of root vegetables.

Apples happen to top the list as the worst offender, which is a shame since apple peels are extremely beneficial. If you plan to use conventional produce, be sure to thoroughly wash, and even peel certain items. Pesticides and insecticides can remain even if you take these precautions, so carefully consider purchasing at least some ingredients in organic form.

Juices can be used as a natural dietary supplement in lieu of processed vitamin capsules and tablets, or you can craft your own produce combinations to help improve specific areas of your health.

Nutritionists Agree: This Trendy Diet Plan Is Terrible for Weight Loss

Achieving proper nutrition through real foods is better than opting for meal replacement shakes and pills, but it is important to approach juicing with common sense and do your research or consult with a physician or nutritionist if you have any questions. This article was originally published on agingcare. It has been republished here with permission. Choose your ingredients wisely. Consider your juicing method. Be careful not to juice everything. To my surprise I was never hungry. My varicose veins have all but gone, my skin looks great and I feel years younger.

My advice to anyone thinking of making this change is, just do it — juicing is not just a diet — it changes your life. By Caroline Jones. Juiced: Claire Lincoln is looking forward to Christmas Image: Daily Mirror Get the biggest daily news stories by email Subscribe We will use your email address only for the purpose of sending you newsletters. Please see our Privacy Notice for details of your data protection rights.

What is Detox Juice?

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