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Kaleidoscope, Assessment Workbook, Level F. Kaleidoscope Intervention Package, Level C. Kaleidoscope Intervention Package Level D. Kaleidoscope, Student Reader, Level B. Kaleidoscope, Student Reader, Level E. Kaleidoscope, Student Reader, Level F. Earlier today I said Fallen was probably going to be the most jumbled mess I read in I knew I'd spoken too soon but I didn't realise I was going to be proven wrong on the same day I read the damn thing.

This book wasn't written; it was committed. Jan 28, Barbara rated it really liked it.

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I read the author's first book Diary of an Oxygen Thief earlier this month and thought it was brash but interesting at the same time. This follow up book I felt was better even though it's chock full of grammatical errors. Perhaps because I knew what to expect from the author this second time around I wasn't as annoyed by his brashness. Bottom line is I enjoyed both books and will read any more that are yet to come. Oct 22, Chelsea A rated it liked it. Perhaps not as good as Oxygen Thief , but still up to par with my expectations.

I have to admit, I enjoy the author's asshole-ish ways. It is what it is with him. I think the world of online dating was an interesting subject for "Anonymous" to submerge his addictive nature in for this book. And in all honesty, with the prevalence of online dating, how many of us have a friend who we know is addicted to it? It's rampant, therefore this book is rather timely. Dating sites may have started out being Perhaps not as good as Oxygen Thief , but still up to par with my expectations.

Dating sites may have started out being geared towards actual dating and relationships and maybe E-Harmony still is but in the present the vast majority are pretty much just a source of getting laid. Such is the case here. This is more or less the diary of an online "dater's" conquests in short-lived, chronological order. And being that this is written in man's point of view, it would be wise to not expect any romantic, love-filled story lines. It is what is it. Mild Spoiler: I though the whole idea of posing as his attractive girlfriend to push his book on the desperate, gullible men of the dating sites was brilliant.

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Our narrator may be somewhat of a sexually desperate douche bag himself, but you can't say that he's stupid. Jan 26, Elena M rated it liked it. The main character uses his stellar advertising skills to pursue women online. His methodology of going about it and his thought process behind it mirrors that of a psychopath. Soon his manipulating hobby becomes an obsessed, becoming a chameleon to fit the wants of others. Through social media and dating sites he shows just how consumed we have become in profile pictures and onlin Chameleon On A Kaleidoscope is more or less an updated, modern version of the first book, Diary of an Oxygen Thief.

Through social media and dating sites he shows just how consumed we have become in profile pictures and online chat rooms. While trying to balance his life his true colors are illuminated by the glow of a computer screen over the course of the novel. I highly recommended reading The Oxygen Thief Diaries. Watching this character develop over the course of these books gives one a peak in to the borderline disturbed behavior and mindset of someone who has been hurt and in return is hurting others.

Apr 08, Seri M. Poorly-written sequel. The absence of plot just makes it unbearable and hard to finish because nothing really happens. Author did way better with the first book but with this one it's nothing but a continuous whine journal. Little to no effort was made when it comes to the spelling and grammar with errors in every five pages. Recommended if you just want to know how he's doing after the first book, not recommended at all if you are expecting something more than the first one.

Feb 28, Virginia rated it it was amazing. Cheeky, reflective, unsettling, the story appeals to our baser instincts Perhaps it's Schadenfreude -- I found myself at once commiserating with and laughing out loud, eyes sparkling, at the narrator's neuroses and hilariously recounted misadventures. I honestly didn't know whether I was wanting to slap him, hug him, or jump his bones.

The writing is tight and well-paced and the ish pages fly by, leaving me wanting more, anxious to find out what happens next in this man's colorful life. A Cheeky, reflective, unsettling, the story appeals to our baser instincts It's a bit shallow and infuriating from a woman's point of view, yet at times profoundly insightful - and while I finally get the narrator's seriously questionable taste in women, having just read 'Why Men Love Bitches,' I'm still left disheartened that herein lies one less exception to these rules The marks of a good story are that it makes the reader laugh, think, and cry.

All these bases, and then some, are covered here. Seriously, a fantastic read.

Nov 30, Graham Bany rated it really liked it. I thoroughly enjoyed the book but my biggest issue with it is how horrifying the truth of the final pages are. It pokes fun at itself and makes you guess even more and more about the incredulously self-aware author. The anonymous author also basically crafts a few conspiracy theories about who they are. Great book with great foreshadowing. The author makes you feel and that is a true test of great literature. It is brash, crude, and honest. I would not recommend to kids but an angsty teen could I thoroughly enjoyed the book but my biggest issue with it is how horrifying the truth of the final pages are.

I would not recommend to kids but an angsty teen could learn either empathy or alcoholism from this book. Amazing author Its basically still diary of an oxygen their but the fact that he wrote another after that about how he still manages to fall for next gal is hopeful. He's so humble for someone who stacks bare p as well u kno.

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Jul 21, Jup rated it it was ok. Not as good as the first one and the grammatical or typographical errors really started to annoy me. Seriously, get a proofreader. I'm completely unsympathetic to the "author" through this one and I wonder if it is because I spent good money on bad publishing - not necessarily bad writing or storyline.

Sep 16, Alex Dickinson rated it it was ok. This book was not as good as the first book. It just seemed to go forever and not really go anywhere.

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The author should have left he story at the first book and not continued on. I did not like how repetitive the book was either. I couldn't finish the book so I dropped it. Aug 18, Jaycee rated it it was amazing. The series of these books were amazing. They were so blunt and enlightening of the media. I kinda liked reading about how he seduced these girls only to break them off. Weird right? This book almost makes you the reader seem as though you have this addiction as well and it's very intriguing!

I loved chameleon and if you liked the first book you'll sure to like this one! I've seen a lot of people saying this book is "jumbled," but that's exactly the point. He's an addicted, careless man and tha The series of these books were amazing. He's an addicted, careless man and that's just the way the author decided to portray how he talks. Can't wait for the 3rd book!! Sep 11, Olivia Groom rated it it was amazing.

A welcomed addition to The Diaries. If you have read Diary of an oxygen thief, then you must continue with the intelligent wit and realistic outlook on love and internet dating, within the Chameleon on a Kaleidoscope. This is definitely added onto my small list favourite books. Something a little more realistic with a comical edge and incredibly entertaining character to follow throughout, this is a must read. May 21, Kasia rated it really liked it. This book is so well written and it's different to the books I generally read just because I always hesitate to young adult books and this has a more adult feel to it due to its topics.

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The oxygen thief series is one to definitely keep an eye out on, it's an amazing series that deserves way more credit. In comparison to the first book, I enjoyed this one more just because of its mor intriguing content. Sep 12, Lexi rated it it was amazing. There's many reasons I enjoy this book and others from this author. It invokes a lot of emotion, mostly anger.

Especially being a female that's encountered men like this. But on the other side of it, I can relate. He's very blunt with his intentions with women and dating. It's interesting seeing a man's perspective on how and why they treat women the way they do. Really keeps your interest, can't wait to read the third book! Mar 26, Tricia rated it liked it. Well I found the first book, Diary of, entertaining in that it was an atypical telling of a twisted story line.

Even though his treatment of women is sick, he does get a karmic reaction. In this book, though still entertained by the atypical twisted views, I was just more interested in finishing than savoring Sep 22, Miriam Serna rated it it was amazing. I love this book! I recommend people to read it because it shows you how you to have to hope to change and unique.

It's really something that you should know about man. May 04, Elliot Chalom rated it it was amazing Shelves: literary-fiction. If I ever write a book I think and hope it is exactly like this one. Our anonymous author manages to keep things moving linearly while making it all feel hyper-connected.