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We love those who dream by day, and even more so, those who can translate those dreams into words.

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As a publisher of fiction and creative nonfiction, we are constantly searching the sea of voices to find stories that explore and celebrate our vast cultural and ethnic diversity; stories that serve as both a window and a mirror for our readers—a window for readers to see into another world, and a mirror for those who are underrepresented in literature. What we look for are character-driven narratives that allow readers to experience other worlds.

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We believe that a young adult novel or a mystery can be as much of a piece of literature as an historic novel. We simply look for good, well-written stories.

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We are particularly interested in new and previously unpublished writers, and giving voice to those writers. We have nothing against previously published writers and invite your submissions as well. We prioritize quality not just in content, but in form as well. Our books are carefully crafted with attention paid to how they feel in the hand.

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I said, 'this is greatest room I've ever seen. Remember when he was talking about Iran? That was at least 1. Now we're on to a Top Gun sequel where Maverick goes rogue to get the U.

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But El Jefe was not content to do some screenwriting off the top. He's also a freestyle historian:. Trump: "Russia used to be the Soviet Union. Afghanistan made it Russia because they went bankrupt fighting in Afghanistan. Via Fox.

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  • Needless to say, this is an alternative history of Afghanistan—and, for that matter, the collapse of the Soviet Union. The real question is where our fearless leader got it in his head to endorse the Soviet invasion of To whom might he have spoken that would be eager to rewrite the history of Soviet foreign interventionism?

    Did this bubble up from the memory hole, a long-forgotten nugget from a conversation at Studio 54 in ? Or is it the product of a more recent long-distance phone call?

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    There was no time to linger on that, however. It's one month in Afghanistan.

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    • We're talking about national security. This isn't just the border. This is national security. This is health and wellness. This is everything. Elsewhere, Trump suggested if you're against The Wall, then you must be against the Vatican, because the Vatican has a Wall. Apparently, this was his strategy while negotiating with Nancy Pelosi , a Catholic. Never mind that The Wall will not stop illegal immigration or the flow of drugs. We need one!

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      This is true, as the president points out, when it comes to military budgets—which are now overseen by an acting Secretary of Defense with no military or foreign policy experience, but who formerly worked for a defense contractor. This slightly-too-on-the-nose illustration of the military-industrial complex is sure to keep costs down. But cost comparisons are actually one of the most compelling arguments against The Wall. How many houses for homeless veterans of our endless wars in the Middle East?

      Why would we waste it on something that won't work, but is, in fact, a giant monument to white supremacy? But we're moving on again. Having suggested oil prices are down because he "called up some of the OPEC people," the president took a moment to honor the sacrifice made over the holidays by Donald Trump.