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Posted on July 18, Another beautiful and extraordinary experience! This is a CD for all seasons of our lives. Whether meditating or writing, resting or cooking the vibrations of these earth energies penetrate gently and profoundly. I found myself unconsciously breathing more deeply and slowly, with an increased focus on the carrots I was chopping! Perhaps that is the essence of these tones; in the hurly-burly of our days, they provide a sacred space that can bring us back to what truly matters.

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I often have the CD - and Crystal Bowl Sound Healing, which is equally beautiful - playing softly in the background when other activities are going on and, interestingly, even strangers have been known to comment on how calming and peaceful it is. Thank you Tryshe for releasing the healing that these bowls carry. May they reverberate around the planet! Posted on June 30, Amazing to follow Tryshe's tones and allow yourself to enter into different worlds.

This album enables me to both relax and explore. Thanks Tryshe! Posted on June 23, As with Tryshe's other CD, this one also transforms the atmosphere in my home and work space with one very special addition and surprise.

Spirit of the Ancients includes her voice harmonizing with the bowls which is totally amazing. I have kept the CD playing during the day and into the late evening hours as a way to maintain a higher vibratory frequency.

It works! Thank you Tryshe and thank you Sounds True for recognizing the far reaching benefits of these cave sound sessions.

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As natural therapist I used "Spirit of the Ancients" during a healing meditation and it really increases my ability to go deep inside me. This music speaks to the most tender part of me and allow me to open up my heart to very ancient wounds and to let them go. This CD is a very powerful help for all those who are willing to find back the inner space that we are all covering up by fear of suffering again. Thanks to this beautiful music, we can find back the courage to be open to ourselves. Thanks you so much Tryshe. Posted on May 28, At this point, you should still have not attempted to capture any Biomass.

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Just keep building up Drones and resources. Research air armor and weapon upgrades and build an extra Hatchery. You should have saturated both expansions, have a third Hatchery, and be working on air upgrades by the mark. Build about 8 Spine Crawlers, 4 Spore Crawlers, and 2 Queens at the southern entrance to your expansion.

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This will get attacked a lot, not only by standard enemy attacks but also enemy attacks trying to destroy the Biomass that you should have left from the beginning of the mission. Use Kerrigan, a few Queens, and whatever Mutalisks you have to clear out the least-defended portions of the map. This will allow you to get all the Kerrigan levels and collect a large amount of Vespene Gas pellets. Note : Vespene Gas pellets make this mission much easier, but they are often hidden inside the trees and brush and are hard to see. However, they are all marked on the mini-map with a small white dot.

Use the mini-map to find vespene pellets. While this is going on, you should be training more Mutalisks. Once you run out of gas, use some of your extra minerals to build a wall of Spine Crawlers in front of the Ancient.

After you harvest the 7th Biomass, Brakk will attack with a wave of forces, heading right for the Ancient. Once Brakk runs to the Ancient, he will run into your wall of Spine Crawlers. These can do a lot of damage in a short amount of time, and you can use Kerrigan and your Mutalisks to finish Brakk off while he is trying to deal with the Spine Crawlers. Tweet Starcraft 2 Strategy Guide. The Osiris Method. Starcraft 2 Beginner's Guide.

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