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After the war, he continued to work for the War Records Section and returned to Melbourne in to complete works for the War Memorial and spent the next decade painting watercolour landscapes and working as a book illustrator. In he moved to Western Australia to undertake work on murals. Benson enlisted in the Australian Citizens Military Forces from to , working in camouflage.

Behind the Anzac myth of John Simpson Kirkpatrick and his donkey at Gallipoli

The man with the donkey, Anzac Download Low Res Image. Order a copy. Share this page. Related information. Conflicts Period First World War, Units Australian Imperial Force.

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gohu-takarabune.com/policy/localizar/gyl-ubicar-celular-desde.php Donate today. Simpson would not have made a good peacetime soldier, and he was recklessly independent in war. Instructed to recover and help the wounded he undertook this work enthusiastically.

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Famously, he used a small donkey to carry men down from the front line, often exposing himself to fire. The bravery of this "man with the donkey" soon became the most prominent symbol of Australian courage and tenacity on Gallipoli.

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Although Simpson carried no arms and remains an enigmatic figure, the nature of his sacrifice made a vital contribution to the story of ANZAC. Peter Corlett maquette for Simpson and his donkey bronze made and cast in Melbourne Simpson and his donkey The story of the soldier who rescued wounded men on Gallipoli with a donkey has been told to successive generations of schoolchildren.

Simpson's actions are regarded as the highest expression of mateship, and he remains one of Australia's best known historical figures.